The Tweaklite Concept

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The Tweaklite

Tweaklite, the treatment tool for now

Until now, colorlight therapy was only reserved for professionals with often expensive treatment devices. It consists of a light source and colour filters.

With the Tweaklite this is easier

16 million colours are “built-in” and no filters are needed. For practical reasons, these colours are available for treating the Chakras (7+1) and/or meridians (12+4). The colors are available for all colorlight “schools”; Dinshah, Bach, Mandel, Heidemann, etc..

Unique protocols

The Tweaklite is also available with ready-to-use protocols (“Tweaks”). A complete treatment protocol indicates the order and points. These therapeutic protocols are based on PCL (Pulsed Color Technology) and are composite light and colour patterns with a solution for a specific condition.

For the consumer there are lifestyle applications, for example for travellers, athletes, animals, anxiety, stress, etc…

Therapeutic applications are available for health professionals:
  • The physical therapist will choose for muscle or pain problems and injuries.
  • The spiritual practitioner or someone treating animals will use the Chakra colors,
  • The foot reflexologist uses the TCM meridian programmes,
  • The psychotherapist treats his clients with an antidepression instrument,
  • The management coach treats his clients for stress and burn-out.
Home use

Because the investment is modest, the instrument can also be used for self-care by the client of routine treatments. As a result, the final result is better.