How to buy a Tweaklite

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So, you are a Professional

To buy a Tweaklite, you log in to your Membership account and the go to the page of your choice.

If you are not a member yet, create an account first.

If you add a product to the shopping basket using the [buy] button and then move to another page, your selection will be kept. You can then add any product from that page if you wish.

You can checkout using the link on the page, use the cart in the menu or the cart in the Professional Shop Menu.

Once you have ordered a Tweaklite

  1. You will receive a confirmation of the order
  2. We will arrange the Tweaklite for shipment
  3. Will you receive a confirmation that the order has been completed
  4. With this confirmation you will also receive the invoice and download links for the manual(s)
  5. Your Tweaklite will be delivered within a few days

The downloads will always be available for you via this link

In your account select: > Orders > view