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Tweaklite, also for your practice

Until now, the application of colorlight therapy was only possible with large and expensive devices. TweakLite solves this problem with a safe and above all affordable solution.

The TweakLite therapy concept enables you as a professional to expand your practice with the most modern form of light therapy. Standard treatment protocols allow you to achieve quick results. Choose an application with the function that suits your working method.

  • The physical therapist will choose for muscle or pain problems and injuries.
  • The spiritual practitioner or someone who treats animals will use the Chakra colours,
  • The foot reflexologist uses the TCM meridian programmes,
  • The psychotherapist treats his clients with an antidepression instrument,
  • The management coach treats his clients for stress and burn-out.
The Tweaklite comes with a program (“Tweak”) of your choice.
Fixed colors.

If you know about colorlight therapy, you can purchase a Tweaklite with fixed colors. There are various versions up to 18 colours, which are used by colorlight therapists, massage specialists, reflexologists and/or spiritual practitioners. Animals also react well to colorlight.

Protocols .

The therapeutic protocols are based on PCL (Pulsed Color Technology). These are composed light and color patterns with a solution for a specific complaint. for pain, injuries, osteoarthritis, post-traumatic stress, depression, scars, bursitis, shock, etc..

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