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Lack of sexual vitality of the man

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Sexual Vitality Man

Your sex drive may have shifted from high gear to neutral or low. You may also have trouble getting and/or keeping an erection. If you are a man over forty, your sexual concerns are most likely caused by dropping testosterone levels.

Testosterone levels peak in a man’s 20’s and begin a slow downhill slide as early as age 30, dropping 1 percent a year on average. By his early 40’s, a man’s testosterone deficiency can compromise both desire and performance.

Hormone levels decline even more rapidly after 50. An 80 year old man will typically have only 20 to 50 percent of the level of testosterone he had at his peak. As the years go by, this gradual decline in testosterone levels is the biochemical reason why former between-the-sheets enthusiasts shift from enjoying sex several times a week to going through the motions only a few times a year.

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