Change your negative thoughts into positive

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Stress management, mental balance, let go, relax, meditate, relaxation, visualisation, burn-out self-confidence, depression, burn-out

A depression is often accompanied by anxiety. To get out of a depression, you will have to fight the fear. Fear is a stress reaction. You are so tense that you’re in the fight-flight mode. To fight your fear, you should relax. If you can for relax, it is possible to put that fear in perspective and get courage.

To start, this Tweak aims to get rid of anxiety. The first signal is applied on the Hara point. The second part of the Tweak is focused on stress relief and tis applied on the third eye.
The third part of the treatment is a composite signal to integrate visualisation or affirmation directly in the subconscious.

Change your negative thoughts into positive, imagine what you want to achieve and how you will look like, send good luck to someone you love. That is the best method to regain a positive attitude in life.

Visualising is for athletes, people in a weight program, executives, NLP users, people who are looking for self-confidence, health or a partner, etc.