Overcome jetlag and adjust your body clock

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Do you experience difficulty sleeping after a long flight? Does this make doing business abroad a pain? Or does your work as a nurse leave you struggling with sleep deprivation after changing from a night to a day shift? Color light therapy could be the solution to the inconvenience of jet lag.

What is jet lag?

Jet lag occurs when the body’s day‐night rhythm or biological clock is temporarily upset by a sudden change in time. Jet lag often follows a long flight through several time zones. Especially travelling from west to east can lead to jet lag. Jet lag can also be caused by changing from a night to a day shift, in hospitals, for instance. The body’s biological clock has trouble coping with such a sudden change. This manifests itself in the form of complaints like difficulty sleeping, disorientation, reduced concentration, loss of appetite or diarrhea. Jet lag becomes more common with age and it’s not unusual to suffer from jet lag for several days.

What is the biological clock?

The biological clock is a small area in the brain consisting of about twenty thousand neurons. The biological clock is controlled by the hypothalamus, the control center in the brain, located right behind the eyes. The biological clock is our internal clock which governs sleep and eating patterns. Although the biological clock is capable of adjusting itself to a sudden change in time, it often takes a while to do so, especially with age.

How can light therapy minimize jet lag?

Acupuncture makes it possible to minimize jet lag in a simple and cost effective manner. This is done by activating certain acupoints with a special light pattern. This helps the biological clock to adjust to a new day‐night rhythm. Use only once per flight for 5 minutes. For the whole family.

Treatment of jet lag using only two acupoints

These acupoints are located on the right lower leg and forearm in women and on the left lower leg and forearm in men. The selection of the acupoints will depend on the time of treatment. Using the Tweaklite allows travelers to treat themselves.

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